Blackfriars has worked with some of the most prominent companies in business. For example, the chief executive officer of EMC had this to say about our work:

“Over many months, you helped us sharpen and solidify the messages and positioning of this platform [Symmetrix DMX storage system] to appeal to customers, prospects, and those that influence the market. Your advice was invaluable.” -- Joe Tucci, CEO, EMC Corporation

As part of that work, Blackfriars received an award from EMC. Another EMC employee had this to say:

“When you are involved in product development cycles, you can get too close to the product and the marketing efforts around it. You lose your impartiality,” said Theresa McClure, director of marketing programs, EMC Corporation. “Blackfriars’ assessment tools gave us an objective, consistent methodology to sharpen and solidify our marketing messages and positioning around an important software launch. They helped us to ensure the product’s appeal to customers, prospects and those who influence the market.”

Blackfriars clients often comment how much our objective methodologies have helped them improve their messaging. One large consumer electronics executive said:

“Blackfriars helped us standardize the way we deliver product presentations by introducing an excellent methodology and training our key staff to use it. Now that we're all using the same methods, our presentations are more effective and we can coach each other to create presentations that better differentiate our products in the market.
The partners at Blackfriars each bring a unique perspective, and it's the sum of their talents that allows them to provide particularly insightful and powerful communications consulting.”

As part of its public relations, Blackfriars publishes a quarterly measure of marketing spending called the Blackfriars Marketing Index. One executive noted its value as follows:

“Professional marketers need benchmarks like the Blackfriars Marketing Index to make good business decisions,” said Cliff Conneighton, Senior VP of Marketing for ATG. “Knowing what others are spending and where marketing dollars are going allows us to concentrate funding when we need to break out of the pack. Metrics like these take some of the guesswork out of marketing strategy.”

Blackfriars research data has been noted in publications such as Stuart Elliot’s column in The New York Times and in trade publications such as BtoB Magazine. One marketer had this to say about it:

“Marketers would do well to heed the message of this study [Blackfriars May report, The State Of Marketing 2004: Recovery in Q2?],” said Peter De Legge, director, eBusiness Marketing for Aon Corporation and publisher of Marketing Today. “Marketers must measure and illustrate the effectiveness of their initiatives in order to protect their budgets and be perceived as strategic by the executive team. In short, marketing must prove its worth.”

Research firms have noted the unmet need for benchmark data on marketing budgets and spending. The BtoB Magazine article that announced the Blackfriars Marketing Index contained a comment from a prominent analyst at IDC:

“Executives like to see benchmarketing data at the highest level,” said Michael Gerard, director of CMO Advisory Research at IDC. ”In the marketing benchmarking area, there has not been a lot of it.”