Public speaking

Blackfriars principals are experienced and compelling public speakers in the areas of marketing, technology, and learning. While some of the speeches we have given are listed below, Blackfriars broad range of business and presentation experience allows us to speak on many other topics as well, including Blackfriars' extensive database of marketing research and metrics collected over the last 18 months, and The Tyranny Of Too Much. Should you be interested in having one of us speak at your event, please call us at (978) 897-7500 or contact us by email, and we will discuss how we can best fulfill your needs.

Sizing US Marketing

How many billions of dollars will the retail trade industry spend on marketing this year? How big is the public relations market in the United States? This talk answers these questions by drawing upon Blackfriars groundbreaking analysis of its surveys of senior executives over the past two years. Blackfriars will present the breakdown of marketing expenditures in the US for 2005 and compare the marketing mix and spending of the six largest vertical industries in the US economy.

Measuring Marketing

This talk contrasts the attitudes and spending of companies that measure marketing results against those firms that don't measure marketing and broad US averages. The data presented in this talk draws upon Blackfriars' unique database of survey results collected as part of Blackfriars market research business over the last two years.

Discipline Your Marketing
February 11, 2004

Blackfriars crafted and led a special Marketing Roundtable panel and workshop on how companies can now run marketing programs or organizations using measurable marketing methodologies. Guests included Lee Smith, CEO of Insight Express and Tony Gallo, Senior Partner of Sherbrooke Partners. The event included presentations by the principals and a workshop on applying disciplined techniques to attendees actual business problems. The presentation given at that event is available in Microsoft Powerpoint and Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) formats.

Women's Leadership Forum
September 24, 2003

Mary Timmons gave the keynote for this event held at EMC Corporation and spoke on how women can craft messages for impact and overcome the physiological barriers to communication.

Cutting The Cord: Trends Driving The Technology Business in 2003 and Beyond,
March 21, 2003 and
February 25, 2003

Blackfriars presented our views on the three trends driving technology business growth this decade at a breakfast event in Maynard, MA. The presentation given at that event is available in Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), and Apple Keynote formats.

5th Annual Symposium on eBusiness Trends and Emerging Technologies,
December 12, 2002

Blackfriars gave the keynote presentation at this event sponsored by the Consortium for Global Electronic Commerce at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The presentation for that event is available in Powerpoint and in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). The keynote was covered in the newspaper, The Capital Times.